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A new video for “Fools Parade” has been released!  As you’ll discover, director Jeff Turboff got a little carried away with his iPhone and well, made an amazing video using, yep, his iPhone.   Not only did Jeff shoot the entire video on his phone, but he processed the entire video on his phone too using the PhotoTropedelic app.  That’s 5,016 individual frames of video…one painstaking frame at a time! Five-thousand-sixteen images. Seriously?  Yes, insane I agree. I have no idea what inspired Jeff to do this – luckily for him carpal tunnel did not set in – and luckily for Trumpeter Swan the end result was fantastic. 

So….if you’re into phones, apps, psychedelic pop art, and/or tarot cards, then you're going to love this trippy piece of cell-phone cinema!

"fools parade" by trumpeter swan



Otherwise, plenty of Trumpeter Swan projects in the works for 2012. Working on lots of new songs, and stay tuned for some NYC shows coming soon.  In the meantime, be sure to check out Listen for the Clues on Spotify and Pandora. 


Trumpeter Swan





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The making of the "Fools Parade" video….

The Trumpeter Swan “Fools Parade” video was inspired in part by the PhotoTropedelic app, which translates still images into fantastic, vivid and trippy one-of-a-kind pop art creations.  Not only was the iPhone app the creative tool behind the video, but Director/Shooter/Editor Jeff Turboff took it one step further by shooting the entire video on the iPhone 4s.

After shooting and editing the original footage, Turboff then exported and processed each and every frame of the video, all 5,016 of them, one at a time using the PhotoTropedelic app.  Each video frame was meticulously tweaked by varying the colors, patterns and special effects to give each its own unique visual characteristics.  Then all 5,000+ processed video frames were reassembled as a video sequence.  Larry Weinberg, creator of PhotoTropedelic, said, “I was not prepared for what Jeff pulled off for this video. An incredible effort in the name of creativity.”

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